Appendipity Themes Review: Premium WordPress Genesis Child Themes

For the past few days, I have been testing several themes for my blog. I tried MyThemeShop themes and few Genesis themes too and they all were performing well for me. But I was looking for an even better theme that can enhance the overall performance of my blog both for Google and for my readers too.

Fortunately, I came to know about Appendipity, a Genesis child theme provider. I checked their themes and was totally surprised by the features they are providing to their customers. I just fell in love with inPress theme and am using it right now. Here I’m providing honest review about Appendipity Themes.

Appendipity Themes: They believe in simplicity!

Responsive blog layout is in demand now a days and every smart blogger is moving to responsiveness to make his/her blog compatible with Google’s ranking algorithms. Here Appendipity Themes comes in action. The features they are providing in their themes to their customers is totally out of the box and they challenge other themes provider can’t beat their work. They believe in simplicity – simplicity with awesomeness.

Why Should You Try Appendipity Themes?

Appendipity Themes is all about Responsiveness, Unique Signature Features, and above all, the best possible User Experience. In a very affordable price, you are going to get the best Genesis theme for your blog that will boost its overall performance, ranking and earnings too. Let’s take a look about the features of Appendipity Themes.

Signature Features

All Appendipity Themes come with 6 amazing signature features that you can’t get in any other themes. These 6 signature features will not only add more functionality to your blog but you can improve your blog’s loading speed also because they reduced the need of installing extra plugins that slow your blog down.

Here are the top 6 signature features:

1: Flynn Message Board

You can set your custom message to display on single page or post. It’s really interesting feature that can increase your click through rate. Suppose you are writing a post about SEOPressor WordPress Plugin, then you can put SEOPressor download link (i.e your affiliate link) in Flynn Message Board that will increase the CTR and your affiliate earnings too! :D

PS: Check out Flynn Message Board in action below the header of this blog.

2: Above Post Banner

Above Post Banner feature allow you to add custom banner, video, texts etc. above to the particular post or page title. You can make use of it as you want.

For example: Suppose if you are an internet marketer and promoting some affiliate products in your blog then it’s truly not possible to add banners of all those products. So, using Above Post Banner feature you can add affiliate banner to that post only which is highly related to that product. It’ll increase your overall revenue.

3: Comment Bubble and Social Share Bar

Increase your readers’ engagement by displaying comment bubble and social sharing buttons on your blog posts. When readers notice great number of comments on blog posts they feel good to leave their feedback too that will improve your blog’s engagement.

Now you have no need to install extra social share plugins to your blog. Appendipity Themes have their own social share bar that will not only help you to boost your social signals but also reduce your blog loading time by protecting you installing any extra plugin for social share buttons.

You will get two social share bars: above the post and after that post. It will remind your readers to share your posts. Hence, better social share traffic. :D

4: Previous and Next Post

Displaying previous and next post is the best way to improve blog’s page views. If you are writing series posts like Part-1, Part-2 etc. then this feature will surely boost up your total page views.

Now your readers can easily come to know about your new blog posts without clicking the Home tab. This will improve your blog’s entire navigation system and Google loves that. :D

5: Related Posts

You all know the benefits of displaying related posts at the end of each posts. Once readers finished reading the post they eager to read more about the similar subject. Displaying related posts helps to keep visitor on blog for the long time means less bounce rate and high rankings in search results.

But the problem is, installing different plugins for different functionality can slow your blog down. That’s why Appendipity themes comes with inbuilt related posts widget. It looks awesome and will improve your blog’s performance.

6: Sidebar and Footer Optin

Money is in the list – internet marketers croon. In one of my previous post, I discussed how you can make money with affiliate marketing and email marketing is the best way to give a blast to your affiliate marketing efforts. I’m using Aweber (Best Email Marketing Service) to deliver my newsletter to my subscribers and adding opt-in form to blog is really not that much easy if you are new with it.

Appendipity themes developers also kept this point in mind and added inbuilt opt-in forms functionality to all the themes. Now you can easily add beautiful and professional opt-in forms to your blog’s sidebar and footer with just a single click. So, even better chance to convert your readers into subscribers. :D

Appendipity Work on Responsive Framework

Not using Responsive theme? Then you are losing potential readers, leads and customers. With the increase of smartphone sales, using responsive layout that mold perfectly to fit all the devices is most important. People are now using their smartphones for browsing the internet and probably your readers are also using their smartphones to read your blog while they are not connected to their computers.

Appendipity themes build on HTML5 and Work on Responsive Framework that will make your blog compatible with all the devices of different screen sizes either smartphones, tables or computers. Below is the preview of my blog in different screen sizes.

See, my blog is looking perfect in various screen sizes. Appendipity themes are 100% responsive and will be a right choice for your blog.

A Quick Overview

Check out this small video for a quick overview.

If you are looking for best premium theme for your WordPress blog, then I highly recommend you to try Appendipity Themes. It’ll rock your blog to stand out from the crowd.

Note: All Appendipity Themes are Genesis child themes so before using these themes you must have Genesis Framework. If you don’t have Genesis Framework, then you can get it from here.

This post is based on my personal views after using Appendipity Themes. Please share your views what you think about Appendipity Themes and do let me know which theme you liked the most. Thanks! :)

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