CBSE released notice to give UDISE information

 As per a CBSE notice gave on Thursday, CBSE schools have been approached to give UDISE information online right away. "If there will be no information from any institution then there will be strict action against the same ".

"The Unified District Information System for Education (UDISE) was started in 2012-13 for gathering incorporated DISE data for basic training and auxiliary instruction," the warning says. 

"UDISE is one of the biggest Management Information Systems on School Education and everything the schools in India are needed to finish their UDISE+ information through online stage," the notice clarifies. 

CBSE has guided all school specialists to fill the UDISE+ information relating to 2019-20 precisely through the online stage right away.

During lockdown all the schools and colleges were closed during this panademic. This created a whole new era of online classes. But now soon things are going back to normal. So the CBSE has provided this new information to share UDISE which is mandatory for all the institutions to follow.